Mary Jo Mitchell
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portraits of a place

use art to connect people to a place they love


An authentic connection with your audience.
An opportunity for you.

There’s nothing like an original piece of art to help give people an authentic connection to a place that’s special to them. Fine art reproductions make it possible to share that connection with a broader audience. Mary Jo is passionate about making paintings that both connect people to a place they love, and help her clients grow their business.


Here’s how mary jo works:


step 1


create a one-of-a-kind image

With commissioned paintings, Mary Jo works directly with her clients to achieve a shared creative vision. She spends time sketching, designing, and reviewing with her clients before paint hits the canvas. Once she starts painting, the process is loose and spontaneous. The result is an original piece for her client, painted in Mary Jo’s own uniquely colorful, lively style.


step 2


create a customized package of fine art reproductions

After completing the commissioned piece, Mary Jo works with her clients to put together a package of reproductions to suit their organization’s needs. Mary Jo works with experienced professionals to photograph and reproduce the original. Fine art reproductions can be made in all sizes and formats, including stretched canvas and watercolor paper. Inks are archival, and each piece is signed by Mary Jo. The finished products are of the highest possible quality—they’re works of art themselves!


step 3


connect your audience with their special place

With the commissioned piece and fine art reproductions in hand, clients have the opportunity to connect with their audience, whether it’s through a capital campaign, auctions, fundraising or in retail shops. Provide your audience with lasting memories, and an authentic connection to their special place.

When my painting brings someone joy, and my clients succeed, that’s the magic. That’s what it’s all about!
— Mary Jo Mitchell

Working with Mary Jo

I’m passionate about giving people a unique “connection to a place” through art. And I love to help my clients succeed! I have over twenty-five years’ experience providing visual solutions for clients. My creative experience ranges from plein-air painting in Pietrasanta, Italy; co-designing the Voss Water bottle in New York; to working as Director of Graphic Design for renowned architect Michael Graves in Princeton, New Jersey. I’m back in my seaside hometown of Nahant, Massachusetts with my family, where I joyfully paint iconic New England themes. I’d love to help you create a beautiful and meaningful “connection to a place” for your audience. Let’s talk about how I can help you create your next opportunity using custom art.


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